Who is eligible to create a website?

This service is available for all students, faculty, and staff with a uark.edu email address. Individuals are limited to a single personal blog or website.

How do I get a website?

To get a personal blog or website, just go to the login page and sign in with your uark email name and password. A website will be created for you. You will have the option to select a layout type for your site. If you would like to view the available templates beforehand, go to the templates page and try out the demos for the various templates to see which one most closely matches your vision. You will be able to customize your site further when you log in.

How do I customize my website?

Our theme is highly customizable, allowing you to create just about any website style without having to search through countless themes and plugins. You can control many aspects of your site’s design right in the theme customizer, with realtime previews of what your site will look like. The base theme’s page builder lets you create your page templates anyway you want them using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

How do I add users to my site?

Site admins can add other UARK accounts as users on their sites. In order to allow new users to authenticate and log in with their UARK ids, add them in the following manner:

  • Log in to the dashboard of your site.
  • If you have multiple sites on the network, make sure you’re at the dashboard for the site that you want to add users to.
  • Click on the ‘Authorizer’ menu item.
  • Under the ‘Access List’ tab, in ‘Approved Users’ enter the new user’s UARK email address and desired role, and click ‘Approve’.
  • The user will receive a welcome email that has a link to where they may log in.
What happens to my site when I leave the University?

The content and settings of a WordPress site can be exported to a file that can be imported into another WordPress install. Vanity domains with the ‘uark.edu’ extension cannot be transferred to non university sites, so you will need to get your own domain and hosting.