While WordPress is relatively intuitive for most basic things, it can seem a little intimidating to people when they first start working with it. Here are some resources to help with any WordPress related questions you may have, no matter what your skill level.

The WordPress Codex is a great place to start for general information on WordPress.

Video Tutorials

To learn more about WordPress, please visit

Here, there is a selection of video tutorials for many common WordPress tasks, such as embedding a youtube video in your page, restoring earlier revisions of your content, or how to edit or create new navigation menus.


On top of WordPress, we use Elegant Themes’ flagship ‘Divi’ theme as the basis for most of our new templates. Divi offers a multitude of customization options, allowing you to make changes to your theme without having to create new html templates or css files. Along with all of this increased functionality comes a custom interface that also has a learning curve. Fortunately, Elegant Themes’ documentation is outstanding, and has a comprehensive video tutorial for every feature they offer in their theme.

Divi theme documentation


For social media integration, we are using the ‘Monarch’ plugin. The plugin is wonderful but also complex and slightly confusing. To get the most of your social media integration, read and watch tutorials in the Monarch Documentation.

Media Resources

High quality photos or graphics can add a layer of emotional depth and professionalism to your site. While we can’t provide these media assets ourselves, we can recommend some places to find visual accompaniments for your web project.

Background Patterns

Repeating background patterns can make your site really stand out. Used selectively and sparingly, they can even make it look good. Our go-to source for free background patterns is Just browse through the myriad available patterns, download one that you like, and upload it to your site in the Customizer section.

Background & Slider Images